Pricing + Services


Daily Marketing and Lead Generation Starting at just $100/Month.


Complete social media marketing

Varies — Let us save you the time, the energy, and the effort to learn how to market yourself, by taking your marketing and social media presence to the next level. We post daily, local and branded content that gets you maximum results. Currently offering services for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

*Pinterest, Twitter, and Youtube coming soon…

Logo design and branding

Varies — We offer professional graphic design and logo design for a number of different applications. From business cards to signs to flyers or even powerpoint presentations, we have done it all.

*We can also create 3D graphics and edit video productions per request. Schedule a consultation for more details.

kvcore setup and training

$300, one time fee — kvCORE is a lead generation application that can take some time to setup and learn. We offer a number of customizable solutions for web design that differ from the standard templates and we walk you through how to use the CRM to maximize results. Lead generation training is also provided.

*Includes two in person meetings or zoom calls

Web Design

Varies— Spruce up your website, or build one from scratch. Need help getting off the ground level and putting those great ideas for a website into reality? We have the means to do just that.

*We also offer select kvCORE pages and web customizations as needed. Schedule your free consultation for a Quote.